Waldrick - Plastica Obscura - Cover Download

by Rick

Waldrick – Plastica Obscura

Waldrick composed an ambient background soundscape for a very special person/friend/artist “PLASTICA OBSCURA” to honor his art and to support his exhibition in Hannover starting from 1st of july.

Find more information here: www.facebook.com/Plastica-Obscura-279859688695855/

Find the exhibition here: www.facebook.com/events/1622791331372694/

by Rick

Teaser of “MARSHLAND” the new release of Waldrick this summer!

Waldrick is IDMdustrial fresh from Hannover!

awb wasteland
dreaming social (global edit)
axercise (cutting flesh with axes)
massive entrance
characteristica universalis
king’s garden
under the swamp


"Grenzwellen" bei Radio Hannover! 9:00pm to 12.00pm CET Stream: www.radio-hannover.de

by Rick

Exklusive Pre-hearsal of a brandnew WALDRICK Track


Exklusive Pre-hearsal of a brandnew WALDRICK Track of the forthcoming album “Marshland”, out in summer 2016!
ONLY live Wednesday, 13th of april, by Ecki Eckert Stieg !

“Grenzwellen” bei Radio Hannover!
9:00pm to 12.00pm CET
Stream: www.radio-hannover.de

V​.​A. - Hypotaxia by aliensproduction

by Rick

new sampler contribution: Hypotaxia / Aliens Production

Another in a series of exclusive materials

and similar conception of performers that brings and in this form unique and different, but like-minded thematic concept. Why again next compilation in Aliens production? Because it’s good and unique, since music bodies has formed a concept only for this project and there is quite a lot to choose from. Purely electronic transfusions is offering you, as the constant bands as well as new names on the electronic scene in which they can be freely classified, into today, ironically sounding word, underground. In essence, this project breathes with global participation and bands that here presents their digital direction are really decent creatively based. Under common shield there is a bright palette and there is really what to choose from. Many electronic turbulences, broken beats, dark corners, disorientating points and beautiful atmospheres are waiting for listener throughout this atmospheric storm. Each track on this project is proof that electronic scene and its scope can be really bright and diverse and creative testimony have no boundaries. Great design was provided by Gleb Zhurov. Sound part took under his wing Anatoly TOKEE Grinberg and here is a list of participating projects: Tod, Polygon, Conjecture, Mirum Mulier, Stendeck, Headdreamer, Xsodect, Her blood in my veins, Disharmony, Ish, 3.14, Seneptika, LP12, Recfrag , Mc1r, Nick Jonath, Stableform, Zetatech, Waldrick. Continue Reading →

by Rick

final work almost done

LAST TRACK of the upcoming release “MARSHLAND” finished!!!

YEAH!!!! Now some last tweaking and (fine)tuning… some mixing and the final mastering … here the preliminary tracklist (in alphabetical order):

  • AWB wasteland
  • axercise (cutting flesh with axes)
  • characteristica universalis
  • clockwise
  • dreaming social
  • kings garden
  • massive entrance
  • Nana
  • tailgator
  • under the swamp

… playtime: approx 74m39s of pure IDMDUSTRIAL

leave a comment if you prefer soft release or hard release….maybe you get the “place” this release is dedicated to and guess the names.

Such a huge relief to know the main work is done!

Waldrick thanks you for the interest…

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