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how to get the full Waldrick experience


Ever wondered how to get the full Waldrick experience?

There is a solution for every poblem! There are several ways to enjoy Waldrick. Here is just a short list how to get the full Waldrick experience….

Waldrick experience: the website

First way you did already ! Here it is – the official webpresence of Waldrick: http://www.waldrick.de
Here you can

  • subscribe to the newsletter
  • read latest news
  • get links to all important content
  • of course see all the information about upcoming Waldrick live stuff!

Waldrick experience: Twitter

For all those just like getting to know about the fast news, you can follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/Waldricknoize

Waldrick experience: Facebook

you may love or hate Facebook, but there is almost nothing without it anymore. So we appreciate every single like or recommendation of our web content – and we LOVE comments and feedback.


Waldrick experience: google+

There are several ways to keep in touch with Waldrick though google+ may be the most silent ;)


Waldrick experience: YouTube

There is also a way to get some visuals of Waldrick. For now there are some musicvideos and some fanvideos. There will be more and more to come in here! There will be some gig-/tourdiaries and some more live footage. There will be also some more and more fascinating musicvideos and stuff!


Waldrick experience: live

There are actual 2 confirmed and announced shows:

Waldrick experience: audio

Now for the best part in it! If you like Waldrick and want to listen some more or just over and over and over and over …. again you should just visit these links:

for supporting, buying, download, order, whatever the best place to visit will be bandcamp! Here you can find all the releases and you will be able to support Waldrick if you like the style.


For all those curious among you, you should give soundcloud a chance. Sometimes we just post some new ideas or some free stuff there:



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