Waldrick - Marshland - Cover
Waldrick - Marshland - Cover

“Marshland” To have from now on!


We are proud to be able to present you 75 minutes of our internal world. About a year of work and joy has found with it a worthy end.

We thank you! You have encouraged us to continue!

Without success of the first CD, the first live appearances, the motivation quite would have been another! Special thanks go to Boris S. for magnificent mastering AND patience, to Ecki for benevolent support and criticism, to Philipp Münch (synapscape), Nina (Letzte Ausfahrt Leben), Glen of ]Interstice[ and John Ov3rblast for impressive Remixes which are also available on our bandcamp site.

The release will be come in 2 pieces:

  1. The complete album “Marshland” as Digital Download (Bandcamp)
  2. The 200 pcs. limited CD album (order via Bandcamp)

First there will be the digital Download and after there will be the CD. If you like to have the CD you can place your order and you will receive the CD as soon as it is available! This will be maybe 6-8 weeks from now.

There will be some bonus!

Remain to us….. and give us feedback 😊


Tracklist of MARSHLAND

  1. AWB wasteland
  2. dreaming social [global edit]
  3. axercise [cutting flesh with axes]
  4. nana
  5. massive entrance
  6. clockwise
  7. tailgator
  8. characteristica universalis
  9. kings garden
  10. under the swamp

special remix bonus tracks (available FREE name your price via bandcamp)

  • characteristica universalis ] interstice [ remix
  • massive entrance (Phillipp Münch)
  • nana (John Ov3rblast remix)
  • under the swamp [LAL remix]

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