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There is a new review of our latest release “Subtraction of Light” by alien-e-zine

The fact that the German scene is quite varied and full of new names is certainly a well-known term for all enthusiasts of this musical subculture. That’s why the experience in getting orientated in it its more impressive if the project is musically creative and mainly listenable. Duo by the name Waldrick is exactly the case, even though it is about the quality and interesting effort, although this release is not release under some shield or the label or a part of the promoting company. Musically, these two gentlemen’s mixes pretty strong decoction of IDM, combined with the dark ambient. Each song is like in another state of mind and complete impression sounds quite brightly and colorfully. Dark, hypnotic, sometimes melancholic passages are interspersed with movies surfaces and with dark silhouette. In the songs pulsates many industrial wraps, electronic frequencies, powerful percussions and dark atmospheres. All this is seasoned with original concept and powerful sound. Certainly this project is worth of attention, especially his double release which contains great remixes from the interesting Interprets. This is just a must have.

If you want to support or get the CD just visit bandcamp: https://waldrick.bandcamp.com/

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