Waldrick – Absence of Light [Special Edition Remixer CD] TEASER


Teaser for the special limited edition second cd “Absence of Light” of “Subtraction of Light” Release 04/2015

Remixers confirmed:

  • Frontier Guards
  • KiEw
  • Hotaru Bay
  • Mind.Divided
  • Conjecture
  • Phasenmensch
  • Huron
  • [basementgrrr]
  • x0Ks
  • FabrikC
  • Cannaya

CD “Subtraction of Light will be available as regular CD and special limited edition 2CD with the second CD “Absence of Light” including all these remixers.

Will be also available as Download on Bandcamp.

….more news about preorder, order and other on www.waldrick.de

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